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Thread: Want to work again!

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    They did suggest clerical work. But I assured them I needed work that involved me using my brain. I'd prefer doing something that helped people too. I am a super positive person but it's nearly impossible to stay in the field of recreation without being able to perform CPR at the very least. If I could choose any job in the world besides speaking it would be to be a counselor. I also have a love for or king with seniors. That's what I did before I was hurt
    Go for it Girl. Though unfortunate, this is another opprotunity to do what you want or were meant to do. Elder management is a very wide open field. We need good counselors, especially in the schools. Life is tough enough; we might as well do something we love doing.

    I know without the injury, I would never have had the opprotunity to experience the joys of being with the kids in school or have the empathy I have now. It's taught me a lot and am grateful for it.

    Way to think big. I'm looking forward to seeing you progress and make differences in other peoples outcomes.

    Remember, it may be near impossible to stay in Rec., but it's not impossible.

    Take that suggestion of being a clerk and use it as a motivational tool to do what you want. Don't stress about it; it will come to you. Perhaps the best thing would be to get back in school, take a few courses and let your interest take hold. Volunteer at a senior center and see what that's like.

    The major we usually go into college for is not the one we end up getting.

    Don't mean to ramble on, I just have a feeling you are going to end up doing something very special in life. One you thought was near impossible when you first considered it.

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    Maybe investigate some graduate level programs nearby in counseling or psychology. if you find a program that appeals to you try to meet w school representatives to see if you could access the program. Once you develop a plan for yourself present it to voc rehab. The voc rehab counselor does not get to pick a plan or vocational objective for you, their appropriate role is to facilitate your plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    As far as sticking with recreation that's difficult. You really need to be able to help someone if they need it and most jobs require CPR.
    I'm < 1 mo. away from completing a M.S. in Parks & Rec Management w/ a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation.

    (only ~1hr west from Raleigh @ UNC Greensboro; here's my department's page:

    Just steer a different direction within recreation if that's the field you want to stick with.

    It's do-able.

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