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Thread: Wow, this is the house right near newport harbor I sail around all the time!!! on CNN

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    Wow, this is the house right near newport harbor I sail around all the time!!! on CNN

    He had a big sign on the front of the house during the Bush years "Ban Bush" Bush with a red circle and cross through it, lol. That would be a great place to live though.
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    That would be my dream house - I used to have recurring dreams of being snowed in way up in Northern Ontario in a cabin all by myself with just a caretaker who dropped by to fetch me supplies every week, lol. I guess that's similar to having your own island, lol.

    What a legacy to restore that home.
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    wonder how much he has in it now? Great place

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    last house on the left
    Wow, what a view! I might be a little nervous out there during a big 'noreast storm though.

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