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Thread: Tonight's excitement: Meeting Mrs. George Harrison

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    Tonight's excitement: Meeting Mrs. George Harrison

    Olivia Harrison did a book signing at the local Barnes & Noble for "Living in the Material World," the companion book to the recent Martin Scorcese documentary that premiered on HBO last month. A minor mad scene -- that is, a lot of people showed up -- but she's an exceptionally nice woman.

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    didnt she beat the crap out of some dudes that tied up george and tried to rob them? or is that urban legend.

    at any rate, i like her a lot. glad u got to meet her!
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    Someone tried to stab George Harrison and she fought them off. I just looked it up because I remember the story:

    Cool beans Stephen! Sometimes I wish so badly that I lived in Toronto where something is always going on. (Not sure if this beats Conan though, lol).
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