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Thread: W2W a few weeks later

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    so, are you saying it was wasted money?
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    We need efficient, well planned clinical trials if we are ever going to get out of these chairs

    The people leading this research are intelligent enough, you'd think, to know how it should be done and when you read that millions of dollars and years are wasted on something it makes you weep - you just have to hope that lessons are learned

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris arnold View Post
    Rallies are fine, if you can get to them. As has been expressed by more than one forum member, many of us would to feel really empowered to be consulted by our medical contacts to get involved with real therapies. In Britain we hear claptrap about scientific rigour, when the correct term for the attitude to sci is rigor mortis. So many doctors seem gob smacked that anyone should be interested in finding a cure.
    Hi, why not simply contact the doctors then? They have offices, phone numbers and emails too

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