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Thread: Has anyone heard of this

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    Has anyone heard of this

    My brother sent me an email about a news story he saw on ABC news. He said some sort of tongue piercing is helping people with spinal cord injuries move. I haven't been able to find this story on their website. Has anyone else seen this?

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    I don't even want to see this, but I think I can see it now. Is it performed by an Indian in another country with smiles and the name nu-tech involved??? May be Geeta's all night piercing bazaar or something close to that?

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    This is an idea that actually works. The person has a magnetic stud in the tongue that controls a palate sensor to control the wheelchair. There is a similar tongue-sensing device that is being used by Brooke Ellison to control her wheelchair and even her cell phone. I was quite impressed. Unfortunately, that company went out of business. Wise.

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