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Thread: Cure News 10 years Ago

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    Cure News 10 years Ago

    I was sifting through some old magazines the other day and found a publication I had stored away from Spinal Cord Society or someone like that, and the big news was Sygen or GM-1 for chronics. Ten years have passed and still here we sit arguing about funding for clinical trials, yada, yada, yada. FOLKS, it isn't going to get any better, and in another ten years from now we will still be looking at the same issues. I used to be more positive about it all, but it just doesn't sound very promising any longer, as long as we have politics as usual. CR can't be our savior, but thank God he is trying to do away with business as usual. We do need our government to be involved in a big way, whatever it takes to rid the terrorism of spinal cord injury from every american now afflicted and those 10,000 that will be affected yearly. They say with the recent elections 98 % of the politicians kept their positions, because of the influence of the money and favors from the big companies. So as long as we keep business as usual we will remain paralyzed as usual and ten years from now I'll be trying to keep up with the latest in research news, and no telling how many billions will have been spent researching cures for sci, in the name of business as usual.

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    If you read any article from 10 or 20 years ago you would assume a cure is here by now. Well there isn't, 90% of those articles are lies just to keep the good old goverment cash cow moving.
    Just think of all the reports you have read over the past 20 years about rats and cats and so on get return of function.
    If just 10% of them were totally honest, we should all be cured by now.
    The only hope there is cure WILL come, but the discoveries will all come from patient trials overseas.
    The bottom line in this country is law suits and I don't blame the doctors for not wanting to do a risky operation. I do beleive if oversea trial succeed without any complications it will be tried here.

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