hello friends,

i'm a female,30 yrs old,C5-C6 quad since 2003,live in INDIA.
i was abroad and could not do any active exercises and standing
in last 5 months.
i returned 3 weeks back and resumed exercises.i observed a swelling
on my left foot,to be specific the swelling is around the left ankle.
( i had a acute pain in my left knee about 3 years ago.x-ray had
revealed that there's a ostopania.but after this incident,i have been
particular of my calcium intake and being regular with exercises
until few months ago.)

the swelling increases in a day time when i sit for more than 6 hrs
on the chair.later in the evening,i usually go prone on the bed to read.
and later sleep sideways.
i observe the swelling starts reducing once i'm on the bed in prone and
the next morning,it completely disappears.
again it comes back as the day activies start.

the swelling is less than on day 1 but it is not gone away.
i am taking my exercises slowly,increasing them day by day.i have stopped
standing since swelling.

i need ur suggestions what to do with swelling and about resuming the
standing again.