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Thread: My GoShichi 4x4, ready for winter!!!

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    My GoShichi 4x4, ready for winter!!!

    This is my new truck. I believe it to be the best "outfitted for winter", wheelchair accessible truck on the planet. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.....

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    Nice truck, good luck with it.

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    Awesome truck. Way to go. It encourages me as I am only 5 months in & have a GMC Sierra....thanks for helping me dream.

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    Nice conversion, Imkitch. Mine should be getting to you soon. Question- Were you able to keep the original console or did you go with the aftermarket one?

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    Nice ride! nvus
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    Even though I'm a Ford man I'm impressed with your GMC nice looking rig. Now for the rest of us who can only fantasize what was the total price tag?
    Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. .(John Wayne)

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    Nice truck.. Does this GMC have a different lift pan than your Chevy 4x4 ? I tried one at Ride-away in ME and my manual Top End Terminator chair would not even fit on the pan. The right front corner of the pan is cut off. What power chair are you using?

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    I love your truck!

    I just picked up this truck and I hope to get your conversion next summer!

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    Baaaaaaaad aaaaaaaaaass
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    Thanks all. To answer a few questions:
    It has original center console.
    There is a cut out for 4x4, but if your front wheels are 24" or less, you will fit.
    This truck is loaded on the inside also with leather, power heated seats, rear back up camera and Bose sound system, so the price break down $35k for chassis, $25k for conversion and I have another 10k in extras which includes: 8" suspension lift, 3" body lift and 37 x 13.50 off road tires and rims, westin bull bar and stainless steel roll bars. I am blown away with how well it handles and it is a blast to drive.

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