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Thread: Vicair cushions

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    Vicair cushions

    Does anyone have any experience with this cushion.

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    I tried one. Not a big fan. It was kind of like sitting on a big bag of rice.

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    What type of cushion do you presently use (e.g., air, gel/fluid, honeycomb, etc.)?

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    I use one, what do you want to know?

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    My wife, post polio, has used one for years. It works well for her.

    If you don't have sensation, I would hesitate to recommend it. Johnson & Johnson marketed it in the US for awhile, but they dropped after a rash of lawsuits over pressure sores. It is now being marketed in the US by The Comfort Company. Their Vector cushion appears to have increased the thickness over the the one J&J was selling.

    The small air cells do go flat. Every few months I pull them all out, count the flat ones, and replace with new ones. Also, the air cells tend to clump and become less effective as the cushion is used. About once a week we massage the cushion to get the air cells separated and the cushion fluffed.
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    If you have not already seen a Vicair, and its interior air cells as referenced by gac3rd, a little peek at the cushion can be obtained via this little educational video.

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    I'm currently using a Jay gel cushion that is a few years old. I have a pressure spot on my left cheek that is healing. I'm 6'6" and rather thin, I'm looking for a new cushion that offers good protection.
    I have seating evaluation scheduled but, I want some information before my appointment.

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    When compared to the Jay gel cushion that you use, the Vicair will offer less stability during transfers onto and off of the cushion. If you have good trunk-area control, this specific stability factor will not be significant. The Vicairs' stability-during-transfers factor is greater than a Roho type cushion structure, but not as great as Stimulite honeycomb and Jay gel/fluid type cushion structures.

    The Vicair cushions (e.g., the Vector and Adjuster) are much lighter than Jay gel/fluid cushions (e.g., Jay J3, Jay J2, Jay Active) and; dependent upon the specific models being compared, lighter than the Stimulite honeycomb cushions by a substantially smaller degree.

    Over time, the tetrahedron shaped air cells in the Vicairs will lose air thereby making it necessary to replace/add more air cells to maintain the original compressed-cushion thickness. From a replacement perspective, this air-cell-replacement factor is analogous to the needed periodic replacement of the gel/fluid component in Jay gel/fluid cushions (when the entire cushions are not replaced in both scenarios). As you may have already discovered, the gel/fluid cushion components will lose mass over time.

    Regarding "... looking for new a cushion that offers good protection ..." - for differing personal conditions and use scenarios, many different cushions can successfully satisfy the "good protection" criteria. Presently, there exists no single perfect-for-all cushion. Even "dynamic cushions" exhibit features that are not desirable in many scenarios (e.g., weight, power requirements, cost, etc.).

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    Incidentally, a free Vicair cushion will be given away as mentioned on Facebook's Wheelchair Cushion Sage page.

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