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Thread: chiropractor

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    Mine uses the proadjuster. It took a few times to get used to it miss the old "crack your bones" manipulation. Oh well.....things change. I'm just happy she can adjust me again

    Question for you Patrick. Do you have hypersensitive spots you deal with?

    I'm having more hyperensitivity issues. A light touch is more painful than a slow firm touch. My masseuse is good about changing her touch based on what feels the most 'raw'. Some days it just hurts to be touched anywhere. I do have prescriptions, but try to use those pretty much only at night......any suggestions?
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    Hi L. I think I have a little at the injury site. We've been working together,2x's a week, for 13.5 years so she knows my body and reflexes pretty good.

    I stay away from rx's also. I may take the odd 1/2 ambien for sleep on tough nights of regret but other than that just a nsaid. I'm just not a pill taker.

    I mentioned the SCENAR. It's a fairly new device that was developed by the Russan Space Agency. It's unbelievable how much it helps my torn, ripped and damaged self. If I have aches, pain or other stuff, I reach for it first rather than drugs.

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    I only ever got chiropractic manipulation at Atlas. I figured that was a safe distance from C4.

    The SCENAR sounds like an interesting modality. Must check it out

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    I love my earth muffin chiro and massage therapist, the other lady in the office does ultrasound, ES and traction.

    I miss traction!

    Lately I've felt like a druggie. Neurontin at bed and a muscle relaxer when needed at bed.

    She adjusts everything above and below fusion site....still scary since parts are out still (yikes)

    But, that's life.
    CCS/Walker's a long story

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