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Thread: Selling NuProdux shower chair 4024

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    Selling NuProdux shower chair 4024

    Hey gang. I bought this off another member here within the last six months or so and do not like it. It's in excellent shape as I never used it. I never felt stable in it. Comes with the carry case but not assembly instructions. I would feel better if I sold it to someone who was already knowledgeable about the product line. I was not and now have a new Activeaid because I prefer flip up, not fold out, armrests. This 4024 model retails new for $2500 and all I am looking to do is break even. Figure $500 for the chair $100 at worst for shipping. (unless you live in some god-forsaken place, then you pay whatever the shipping is)

    I think paypal is probably the best way to go. Again, the chair was in phenomenal condition when I received it. I transferred twice clothed into it trying to get acclimated and was like, no dice.

    It's all on the up and up and I'm positive the seller still posts here. (Although I cant remember her name) No reflection on her of course, I simply now know I prefer Activeaid.


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    I know what you mean about not feeling stable, as I have a cheaper model, but I use a chest strap, and have had no problems in the 15 years I have been using it. It is really great for traveling for the once or twice a year that I get out and about.
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    I went ahead and got the travel Activeaid model. It just feels so much more sturdy. But everyone raves about Nuprodx so I thought what the hell. It is a well made chair but when you come out of acute, you really do bond to your first shower commode chair. It's Activeaid only for me going forward.
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    Did you ever sell this?

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    Nope still sitting disassembled in it's travel case in my living room.
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    Do you still have this? Does it have a drop frame in front?

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    do you still have the chair?
    if yes, could you give me more info...i am new on this...and i am looking for a light travel shower commode chair for my mother.

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    Hey gang, want to mention something about the seat depth on this chair.

    Because of the back pad thickness and how pronounced it is, it honestly felt like the usable seat depth was more like 16." I'm not sure if that makes this chair more of a hit or miss for some but I would swear this seat felt more like 17" wide, 16" deep. If anyone owns this and knows what I am talking about, please feel free to contribute.

    Edit: Drop frame?
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