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    Permobil C300

    My C300 wants to vear to the left when you push the joystick forward. the only way to go strait is to push it to the left and slightly forward. all connections seem tight and together. the chair has only 3-4 months use on it

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    There could be a number of things happening. You could have a bearing going out on one side or have something that is binding the drive train. It could also be the controller has came out of adjustment but that is unlikely. It should still be under warranty so call your DME company. If you don't get anywhere with them, Permobil has regional reps and they are an extremely helpful bunch of guys. They are usually willing to help when the DME company is non-responsive...

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    Is there no warranty?

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    That's often an indication of uneven tire pressure. Might be worth checking if you are using pneumatics.

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