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Thread: Blood Type Diet

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    Blood Type Diet

    Eat Right for Your Blood Type(4)blood Types)

    I have heard so many awesome thing from this book and the knowledge it provides! Anyone ever had success with the book? I hope sooo, I'm really thinking of trying it. I can eat better salads, fruits, portions and workot with what body functions I have but can't seem to find the right thing for my body. let me know please. Thanks!

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    anyone??? I'm getting the book this week and I'm going to stick with it according to my blood type. I guess if no one out there has tried it on CC Forums I will be the first and will let you know how it goes!!!

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    I tried it some years ago and thought it was good for me. Then about a year later had some problems and found out I was gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and had some food allergies. Then I went to a paleo diet..........ever changing I guess. I always had eczema previously, which after the allergie testing discovered it went away completely when my allergens were out of my diet.

    The book gives you some neat knowledge as to your digestion and stomach acids etc.

    Best wishes, I enjoyed it before my system completely changed on me.
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