Jericho, NY. – October 23, 2011 - Freelance writer, Robert Bennett, is taking the next step in his literary career. His new novel, Blind Traveler’s Blues, the second in his Blind Traveler Mystery series, will be released as an ebook on Monday, October 24, 2011 by Echelon Press, a Florida-based publishing company.

Start with the outbreak of an ancient corn plague. Mix in a “disabled” protagonist. Add a beautiful victim. Now you have the beginning of Blind Traveler’s Blues, a Mystery/Sci-fi thriller about a blind man who, while on a long-anticipated vacation to Chicago, unwittingly becomes embroiled in the murder of an agricultural pathologist.

Following on seventeen years of writing articles about issues of living with, adapting to, and overcoming disability, the idea for this series of novels arose while researching an article about a real-world experimental system that allows a blind person to navigate through his environment using a combination of global positioning satellite and virtual reality technologies. That, plus Mr. Bennett’s interest in archeology and native peoples, formed the basis for this new story.

The book is set to be released on October 24, 2011. For more information contact Robert Bennett at 516-652-8802 (email: or Karen Syed, President of Echelon Press, at 301-490-2507 (email: