Just finished reading "In Search of the Lost Cord". I thought it was well written and systematically organized. The reaearch history was interesting and informative. I hoped this publication would bring new meaning and hope to spinal cord regeneration through the eyes of a T-4 incomplete para. Instead, it made me realize just how daunting the quest to restore the spinal cord is. As mentioned in the book, the cord is to complex to ever expect a return to normalcy after injury, however it has been proven that only a portion of the cord is necessary for successful function.

The first generation therapies are just now in the testing phase, and based on past progress, the second generation will most probably occur with our next genetic generation. I previously thought a cure was inevitable, benefiting me in my foreseeable lifetime, now I no longer do. I'm glad I read the book, knowing the research history foreshadows the progress of today and tomorrow.