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Thread: Access problems in doing home DIY

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    Access problems in doing home DIY

    i have been a plumbing/electrical contractor for over 20 years
    after building my own house in shell form i personally installed all the plumbing, drainage, electrical works, in addition i plastered, painted and decorated it from start to finish. these works where part of my work contracts in other peoples buildings. Currently i am selling most of my heavy duty power tools, generators, jiggers, wall trenchers,scafolding, concrete mixers etc... it is now impossible for me to use them. my van a mobile workshop/store has been sold. my company dissolved
    I still wish to do some of these things at home, my only problem now is access. i still dream of painting my own house, and doing the Diy jobs at home such as fixing a faulty sink, toilet and lighting, access going up and down stairs, getting into awkward positions and working from from a chair is a problem, my upper body is normal. i have just changed an awkward bottle trap snaking along the floor.
    any access ideas.

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    the big thing i learned over the last 3 decades is mostly mental, guess I should have learned the nike slogan alot earlier, seems like just do it, is the best advice i can give
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