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Thread: Kitchen remodel pics

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    Kitchen remodel pics

    Completed my kitchen remodel after 4 months -whew!

    Key features:
    - French door fridge
    - Roll under sinks and cooktop
    - Toe kicks (don't really need these)
    - Front loading washer / dryer
    - Kraftmaid passport pull out cabinets
    - side mounted faucet
    - Also, switched to a tankless water heater.

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    Nice remodel. Enjoy your new space!!!

    All the best,

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    Nice !

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    love the tall vertical pull out! great job, beautiful kitchen! now tell us what you cooked last )
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    I am so jealous of people with wheel under stove tops! Someday ... lol.

    Very modern and clean looking - love the orange as it's bold! Beautiful! Hope it's perfect for your needs (and protect your feet on that hard footrest - no bare feet or you'll end up with wounds!)
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    That's really nice remodeling
    I like it
    very pretty kitchen

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    I want your kitchen! Is your house knew or did you retro-fit the kitchen? Either way it is beautiful.

    Is that a convection oven? When you pull out your food from the oven where do you place it? I don't see a countertop or nearby shelf.

    The pipes for the sink--are they located off to the side?

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    @peegy: It's an old house (1955) - the kitchen took a long time because we merged it with an adjoining breakfast nook / room.

    Hm, I haven't used the oven myself yet (we just finished last week). I have a lap cushion - maybe I will use that with the microwave / oven.

    Pipes for the sink are actually behind, but there is a removable board, which hides them.

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    Removable board--clever!

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