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Thread: Botox in bladder

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    Botox in bladder

    It is four month since I got botox in the bladder and it has been working. But I feel it is on the way to disappear. I am not sure if I want to do it again since I still got the UTI and it was PAINFUL, 30 shots in the bladder... How long will it take untill all of it diseappear?

    But yesterday I got a cold, my nose is closed and I am sneezing and everytime I sneeze, I pee a little. Makes me crazy of course and it is week-end and no pharmacy is open and it is raining outside, I don't feel for wheeling around to see if I find a small shop who has nose drops.

    Is it time to call the uroterapist on Monday and talk about what to do now with the botox? I am asking here because I am sure they don't know because they have never met anybody else who is not leaking and not cathing without the botox. I am really bored of the cathing and since the botox and the different kind of pills didn't work for the UTI, I prefer to pee and use a cath when I feel I am not empty.
    But I can't have accidents for weeks or do I have to
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    You may have to supplement the Botox as it wears off with anticholinergic drugs like Oxybutinin.

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    Oh no, I don't like the anticholerics, I get constipated, that's why they gave me Botox. I have tried all kinds, even the Kenda patches. LOL, here they give Botox only as the last shot
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    How long bladder Botox lasts is very individual. You may need to resume the anticholenergics. Have you tried intravesical Ditropan instillations after cathing? This is usually done 2-3X daily, and avoids most of the side effects of anticholenergics.


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    Thank you, then I try to call the uroterapist on Monday and I know what to ask for
    TH 12, 43 years post

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