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Thread: 50 of the Worlds best Breakfasts

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    50 of the Worlds best Breakfasts

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    Thanks for that site. I like breakfast and could eat it 3 times a day.

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    umm, gallo pinto brings back good memories of Costa Rica.

    On a similar vein, a neat interactive feature on the MRE's ( meals ready to eat) of many of the world's armies. Check out the French one, it comes with pate. The US Army creates its MRE to provide 4800 calories a day!

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    Oh my God those look incredible. I spent like 30 minutes looking through all of them lol.
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    I too love breakfast, wouldn't necessarily everything on there but i am ravenous in the morning. It's my favorite meal.

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    Really glad I'd just had a fried egg sandwich before looking at those - yum! Although - I might skip the Vegemite! Thanks for the ideas
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    the french breakfast looks so mouth watering. i love food all this talk of food makes me hungry
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    Don't skip the vegimite, it's the best! You just need to spread it thin - if you spread it thick it's disgusting but spread it thin and it really is good.

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    Can see full english breakfast...where are the full irish ones ?

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    ..sry I missed them..they are there...

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