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Thread: 19 yr old needs prayers please!

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    19 yr old needs prayers please!

    have not been on for several days, my mind is focused on my husband but i have to say for shocking moment for the first time,in a long while my worry also, has been on my beautiful neice who has suffered a stroke at 19, which dr said was acute she has minimal damage, more test to see what caused this, but dr said she has survived what most don't but happens to much older people, area was back of brain that would be her eyes, trying to to see when it happenend looks recently was having headaches off and on since july, some numbness in few fingers and toes,some weakness, but she did say last week she got up for school and had to drive with left eye closed because it was fuzzy , so dr seems to think she had in her sleep last week, and that was why her eye was acting up. we are are so worried and scared to know results, but not knowing is worse, please pray for her, she lost a sister who was carring twins 7 years ago who was 18 years old, was suppose to take babies on monday she past and babies that friday before, she had a embolism, please pray for her and family ! what a week my son this week on another shocking moment was hit by a drunk driver and only has a hurt arm and hand we are so thankful, boy as i try to protect my husband from so much of his on stress of worry who is a 567 incomplete guad we are so thankful for what we have just having a terrible time for me to wake up and think that i have stepped on a electricalcord so it felt like going through my heel almost went to floor dr seems to think i have a pinched nerve in hip or lower back or bulging disc trying meds first then if doesnt wrk he will do scans so still having electricalshocking feeling in left heel as far as pain cant figure where coming from no leg or back or hip pain yet really weird! boy im going to try and and rest now thanks for listening!
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    Peace Girl , I will ad her to my prayers , good luck and god bless.

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    I can answer the pinched nerve question as my mom just recently ended this nightmare by having a bone spur removed from her Lumbar region. She also remembered that L3-5 were fused from birth. Come to find out last month that this (the fused L vertebrae) is a hereditary problem that affects her, my aunt in Colorado and an aunt here in Houston.

    I would make an appointment at a spine specialist when you have some breathing room. The pain (all the way down the right leg) started in mid June from lifting a patient (not me) incorrectly. It slowly became unbearable and lead to my mom having to walk on a cane while holding the back of her right leg for 4 months. She also was not able to sit or stand for very long before the pain took over. Pills, wearing a soft brace, and exercises did nothing. Surgery was her only option.

    I hope your husband and neice recover from their injuries so that you can get the care you need.
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    Thanks alot in bed now resting trying to take meds and hope and pray this works if not scans next wk so far just the feeling in left heel feels like electricity, stil cant determine where its coming from, but if trying to walk and it hits i hold on and it leaves pretty quick, feels like a shock wow, thanks guys talk later !


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    I will pray for you and all the ones you mentioned.
    God Bless!

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    oh thank u thank u, i really need to remember that, so hard to keep the head straight sometimes, u all are giving me blessings, i really do appreciate your kind words, really makes me feel so much better, AND I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE YOUR TROUBLES, god bless you all for taking these moments for others, i hope to do the same.

    thanks again,
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    Nice prayer Jeniferex. Welcome to the site, you've already touched people with your first post.

    Stay strong PG. We are here anytime you need us. Even just to vent. I don't see it so much that we have troubles, but rather challenges. For me, I would rather face a challenge than trouble lol.

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    If anyone needs prayer. I pray for people

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    Sending prayers

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    Sending prayers...

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