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Thread: i have uti e-coli mr

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    i have uti e-coli mr

    hi , ive got e-coli multi resistant with no symptoms no fever i feel fine . the infection disease dr told me as long as i feel fine with no temp etc. that it should not be treated with antibiotics . he told me i was colinized and if i got sick then he would treat it . im worried he is wrong . im a c6 c7 quad , im trying to get a second opinion but in new mexico there only 5 id dr and they all are in the same practice . my primary told me she thinks ill be ok . any help would be greatly appreciated . thanks troy

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    That's the standard practiced by doctors everywhere, hodad. Don't treat it unless you develop symptoms. We're all colonized, at least those of us with SCI. I've been colonized for 20 years probably, but haven't had a UTI that needed antibiotics - knock on wood. Your doctor is correct.
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    thanks that makes me feel better , i dont post much on carecure but i do spend alot of time on here especially when i need help . again thanks .

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    Hey Troy,

    I also live in New Mexico. I am being followed by the head of the urology department over at UNMH. The urologists there are adament that you have to be symptomatic for any antiobiotic treatment for a UTI. They frown on prophylactic use of antibiotics and also are not keen on Rennicid [sp?] irrigation tx. They push flooding your system with water and cathing 6-8 times a day. The only urologists with SCI experience are over at the VA Hospital. Having said that, a new urologist recently joined the Urology Dept at UNM. His name is Dr. Delbert Rudy . His bio sys he is a neuro -urological specialist.
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