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    Unhappy Freedom Clear LS

    Hi. I'm a C6-7 quad who has been using these catheters for about as long as I can remember. And up until a few weeks ago they worked great and i never used skin prep. Then they started blowing. They didn't stay on my skin. I started using skin prep and now they are barely staying on. If I "kick off" too much they blow. My confidence is gone. Has anyone else had problems with the Freedom Clear LS recently? Any recommendations on another good catheter? Thanks in advance.


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    Freedom Clear LS

    Would be happy to send some equivalent Hollister samples for you to try if interested. You can reach me at

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    You might try a "Posey strap" that wraps around and is velcroed on. Good Luck!

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    I've used freedom for years with no problems tho i did send one box back once as there were a fair few in there that just blew off,seemed like the glues wasnt right.

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    I used Freedoms for a long time then started having trouble with them. I switched to Rochester Wide Band about 10 years ago and have been very satisfied.
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    surprised....i use freedom clear, and i could bungee jump from my pecker and it wont come off...i swear i think im gonna pull my skin off when i remove it ...i dont use any prep or anything....
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    I used Freedom clears 16 years ago when I first got injured and had problems with it doing a "seal-a-meal" in the heat and then would have a blow out. I switched to Freedom Cath a year later and never have problems now. They do require skin prep though.

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