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Thread: Need to replace a few wheelchair parts

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    Need to replace a few wheelchair parts

    Can anyone suggest some sites to order new wheels, foot plate and a few other things? I've googled and there are a lot out there but you guys are the experts and might be able to give me some of the best ones or most popular. Thank you lovely people for all you great information that you share.
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    Not sure what chair you're using but for TiLite and Quickie parts I use Southwest Medical. Very nice and good service- price for parts...well... not entirely their fault.

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    Thank you. I need new wheels for a Quickie GTI and a TiLite TRC. Need a new foot plate for the TiLite and a new H bar for the Quickie. I have a brand new Invacare Top End but it doesn't fit me right so I'm fighting back and forth with the insurance and the company who fit me for the chair to make it right. They are all nice and willing but the paper work and approvals take forever. For now I just want my 2 favorite chairs updated. Such a mess but it could be worse.
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    I have a set of 559's with close mounted pushrims on high pressure Primo, I think, Tires and a set of wire 540's with solid black tires and the rubber grip pushrims. Both are in great shape hardly used. If interested you can pm me and I'll take some photos.

    Sportaide also has relatively good prices for wheels.

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    I have bought parts from Sportaid.
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    You could check e-bay, sometimes parts can be found. I got my attendant joystick for $150 when the dealer wanted $1000.
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    To get Quickie parts drop shipped to your door and detailed itemized receipts, get your serial number off your chair and call Tyler at Care Medical 1800-443-7091. Been dealing with him for 15 years. Excellent Service!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423 View Post
    I have bought parts from Sportaid.
    X2, even if they aren't on the website if you can find the part in TiLites part page sportaid can get them. I just got some carbon fiber side guards from them for my ZRA that were special order and not on their site.

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