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Thread: Increased spasms due to no birth control pill?

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    Increased spasms due to no birth control pill?

    My spasms have been getting really bad lately, and I'm wondering if it could be because I stopped taking Alesse. The past couple weeks they have been getting increasingly worse. It takes at least half an hour of spasming and re-positioning before I'm actually sitting on the commode. Yesterday, they started up again while in the shower and almost made me fall out of the chair. They happen for a little while longer after transferring into my wheelchair and then are generally pretty calm for a few hours. They then start coming back in the evening but not quite as bad as they are in the morning.

    I was taking 20mg of Baclofen 3 times daily, but since this has been happening, I've upped it to 30mg 3 times daily (I'm prescribed for 40mg x3 but have been taking 20mg x3 for a few years now.) The increase hasn't helped at all. I don't have signs of a UTI. The urine is sometimes dark but not smelly or cloudy. There aren't any noticeable skin issues. No pressure sores or ingrown toenails. The only thing I can think of that's different is the lack of Alesse.

    I've read that some women experience increased spasms during menstruation. It hasn't gone further to say whether those women are on birth control pills or not, and the reason that they get those spasms is because they don't take the pill during menstruation. Do hormones have something to do with spasms?

    Has anybody else experienced anything like this? I have a hard time believing that there could be this big of a difference, but I don't know what else it could be. I'm willing to try about anything to get them to stop! Thanks for any input

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    Interesting question.
    Wish I had an answer, sorry.
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