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Thread: Rocker switches in Bruno remote controls

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    Rocker switches in Bruno remote controls

    When the local Bruno dealer installed a Stow-Away and Out-Rider in my pickup, the installer suggested I get myself a few rocker switches to keep on hand in case one of the switches in the remotes goes out. Well, it didn't take long, but I think (and hope for repair cost purposes) one of them in the Stow-Away might have gone out. Anyone happen to know where I can purchase this part? I took pictures of the switch and have been trying to match it to something online, but haven't got anything nailed down just yet. I'm attaching a few pictures of what I'm talking about.
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    I found replacement switches for the Out-Rider remote (pendant) for sale on ebay here:, but I don't know much longer those will be available. Still need the Stow-Away switches, though.

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    This one should be okay if it fits.
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    I am on the lookout to buy an entire pendant for my lift as a spare. That way if any part or connection in the pendant fails, I just plug in the new one and be on my way. Then I can repair the old one later when I get home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    This one should be okay if it fits.
    Thanks! Having no experience with switches and not having done a bunch of research, I was trying to find one that directly stated that it was for use with the Bruno lift, but this is probably going to be the way to go. I’m going to try and get some product measurements to try and check on size. The Ebay link you posted is a way better price than they’re likely to charge me at the local United Access!

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    That's what I dislike about Bruno. They manufacture CHEAP switches and they are unique to their product. You have to buy them fromBruno or modify the device. I've also found that they won't sell to individuals, onlt dealers. My closest dealer is 110 miles away.

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    I think the ebay switch posted is the ticket. You could also try Mouser or Digikey.

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    May not be of help but I found this place with best prices, but looks like only handle Braun and Ricon lifts.
    They had best price for my pendant for Ricon and suppose be here today.
    Thay also sell parts to lift as well as just switches in pendant.
    Have you lift brand, model as well as Serial Number when you call. They check with manufacture and verify the correct part.
    If link works it to Braun parts section:
    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for all of the help. I ordered two different kinds. I'll follow up here with my results.

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