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Thread: HAIR in your food, what do you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark View Post
    I don't care where I'm at, I'm not gonna pull a cockroach outta my food and keep on eating it!

    LoL, noooo I didn't see or pull a cockroach out, that would have ended it for me too. The little critter was walking up the wall, I had to watch that little bastard cuz he could have lost his footing and fell in to my food and that would have seriously bummed me out. Now if I hit a piece of fat/gristle thats where my eating stop, I get skeeved out more over that than seeing a hair.
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    If it's my own hair I'm grossed out, but will remove it and keep eating (depending how far it's stuck in my food, I have long hair!)

    If it's someone else's hair I will change plates with whoever I'm eating with. hehe
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    A couple of days ago I found a hair in my pancacke. I throw it away and will never eat from there again

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    HAIR in your food, what do you do?

    If you're a very vain person I'd suggest combing it before consumption.

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    Years ago I worked in a fast food restaraunt and every week this same fellow would buy a burger, eat 3/4 of it, and then put a hair in it and bring it back for another burger...Didn't take us long to get on to his scam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Maria View Post
    LOL, I'm assuming the smile is because it is your hair, I like your humor! Sure, OK, if it's mine might depend on how hungry I am, but if it is someone else's hairI'm done!
    Oh Maria, how refreshing that there are candid naive women in this world...

    Now for the thread: at home, I keep eating. In a restaurant. I notify the chef and get a new plate.

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    I got into a argument at Hooters a few months ago over a hair in my chicken wing that waitress said was a feather!! Feathers aren't 12 inches long!!!!

    I want my food free cuz I won't be eating anymore after that.
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    I'd ask her to shave or wax... problem solved.

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    Sometimes it grosses me out other times not so much. One time my wife had cocktail with broken glass in it, that was more of a big deal.

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