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Thread: Sorry I am new at this.

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    Sorry I am new at this.

    About 3 wks ago I was involved in a serious car accident causing my L1 to be bruised. My doctor mentioned I might have to do rehab, but didn't go into great detail. I was just wondering if my L1 was bruised for 4 - 6 wks would rehab be necessary? And how long would it be? I am a little overwhelmed by it all and find it hard to talk to my doctor.
    Can someone please help me?

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    Hello Abi,

    Sorry to hear about your accident.

    What kinds of symptoms do you have? It's very hard to say how long or what kind of rehab, physical therapy, you may need without knowing your condition.

    What is important is your communication with your doctors. If you can't talk to your doctor it may be time to find another. Remember that they work for you and if you can't talk to them it will hamper recovery.

    Feel free to PM me if you prefer not to post here. I'll help where I can, hang in there it's all new now and a lot will change so hang lose if you can.

    Be Big,
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