We had a heat pump with back up electric the first time we lived in Maryland and I never felt warm and that was when I was still able bodied. The minute the electric back up kicked in our energy bill sky rocketed. I grew up in Wisconsin and we're moving back next month. We've had forced air, natural gas, here and like the home I grew up in it's lower cost and feels warm, ok, as warm as a gimp feels. The new place in Wisconsin is radiant floor heat with 4 zones. It is a 10 year old condo and we tested the zone controls. Works great. The original architect has since switched to single family upscale homes that are all geothermal. We also replaced the water heater, at the end of its run as it was original, with a hot water on demand system. We also lose the electric that was heating the tank and switched the new tankless to gas. I plan on finally plan on being warm and not go broke in the process. BTW, we have the Pella windows with the enclosed shades inside the glass in 2 bedrooms here and do make sure you understand how to get them strung so they do not tangle on the inside when adjusting. Overall I love Pella. Both of our sliding glass with screens are Pella and they keep the cold out and excess noise.