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Thread: Offensive remarks about accessible transportation

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    Offensive remarks about accessible transportation

    Just passing this along, got this in an email...

    Offensive remarks won't make accessible transportation a reality

    Dear Friend,

    On behalf of our parent organization, United Spinal Association, we are sending you this very important message.

    New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg has recently made incredibly offensive remarks directed at wheelchair users who want greater access to the city’s yellow taxi fleet.
    Bloomberg stated that “it’s too dangerous” for wheelchair users to hail a cab in New York City and that most drivers would “pretend they didn’t see them”. He also said wheelchair users “sit too far from the driver to establish a dialogue” and therefore “they would not tip well”.
    It’s time to call out the offensive remarks of Bloomberg by showing your support for a fully-accessible NYC taxi fleet. Sadly, only 231 of the city’s 13,000 taxis are accessible to wheelchair users. The New York Daily News is taking an online poll regarding the desirability of accessible taxis.
    Click Here To Take The Survey
    United Spinal has advocated for accessible taxis in New York for many years. But this fight reaches far beyond the city’s front lines. If NYC creates an equitable system of accessible public transportation then other cities both small and large will follow.
    You need not be a New York resident to take the survey as it affects our entire community. So please let your voice be heard by taking this important survey that only takes a few seconds to complete.

    Regards and thanks for your support,
    Ziggi Landsman
    VP of Online Relations
    United Spinal Association

    Background reading on this issue:

    New Mobility Magazine | A Publication of United Spinal Association | 415 Horsham Rd. | Horsham, PA 19044

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    What an incredibly stupid thing for someone in his position to say.

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    I took the survey...
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    Incredible, that's the way to get re elected.

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    Bloomberg seems to be putting his foot in his mouth all over the place lately. His stupid remarks about Occupy Wall St. and now about the taxis's make it seem like he is going out of his way to identify with the 1% instead of the 99%. I did the survey question earlier today.

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    Obviously, he doesn't know anybody in a wheelchair. When I visit NYC, I hide, and my friends hail the cab. It takes me 2-3 minutes longer than an AB person to jump in & out. That just make me sick. They have the best cab service in London...
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    particularly amazing to me as i took w/c accessible taxis in sydney in 1995. hello new york??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloomberg
    “sit too far from the driver to establish a dialogue”
    Yeah, I always ride in the trunk along with my wheelchair whenever I take a taxi!

    And from what I hear about NYC cabbies, if there's a lack of dialogue (like anyone "owes" a cabbie a conversation) it's because of language differences- not the distance that the rider sits from the driver.

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    i'll be calling mayor bloomberg's office today. i encourage everyone to do so! i also filled out the service. this is really ridiculous from him as typically he is right on track with common sense. not this time!
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