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Thread: The Handicapped Stall...

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    The Handicapped Stall...

    How many times have you been in your office, 10 minutes before a meeting, and you need to cath. Time for a quick trip to the mens' room!

    You get there...and there's some nimrod deficating in the handicapped stall! Quick...the other bathroom across the building! Bla bla bla...some executive is once again crapping in the handicapped stall, on company time no less, blabbing in a cell phone They are PAYING him to do this?

    Ever BEFORE I was hurt, I didn't deficate in the office, on company time. My parents always told me "adults do that at the same time every day." Well, if I'm gonna be late for my meeting anyway, might as well have some fun with the guy on the cell phone...

    get outside the front of the stall, and make flatulation (fart) make sure the person at the other end of the cell knows where Mr. Republican CEO is talking to him from

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    Ok rofl

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    It's always gotta be the handicap stall they use, there can be ten other empty stalls and there they sit in the handicap stall.
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    Which is why they should just make more than one or two ... EVERYONE loves the bigger room.
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    I work in a large lab, many hundreds of thousands of square feet. More than I few times a year I find myself racing around the entire place looking for an empty stall... Such a bummer

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    Heh, if the H/C stall is occupied, I just pull up to the sink nearest the trash can and use my self-contained cath kit, dump it in the sink, rinse it down and toss it in the trash. No one has ever said a word (or made eye contact) when they come out...
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    This HC Mystery is unreal
    It drives me crazy . Never fails ... It is unfair and frankly Rude I wish AB people didnt do such stupid things

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    How Do He Know?

    Jake asssumed the executive taking a dump in one HC stall is a Republican. Yet, he fails to label the inconsideerate person using the HC stall near his meeting room. What gives, Jake? It must be wonderful to have such keen insight into one person's political affilation and to be completely in the dark about anothers.
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    I decided to have no shame and started cathing into a urinal. Best decision ever. If it makes people uncomfortable maybe they'll remember that the next time they step into an HC stall.

    I once worked for a medium-sized international investment bank and I followed some guy into the restroom and he proceeded to head straight into the HC stall. There's no way he couldn't have seen me behind him. Well, one thing led to another and I engaged him in a 'public debate' over the wall.
    two months later I was crusing our intranet and discovered that was our CEO. Good times.

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    i've had to go into the mens restroom to pee when this happens. it's annoying
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