MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for patients YoungMS Project

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Support of the MS Society of Turkey opened, the service offered to young MS patients Did you hear about site?

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MS, a neurological health problem facing people of all ages from seven to seventy.
Frequently encountered in humans, especially young adults MS limitations of an individual's life brings various levels. Physiological, psychological and economic difficulties of the individual and its immediate surroundings classify as a significant influence on the quality of life.

Being young is, in the first place that comes from being young yaşanmasının problems, as well as problems related to the future, the search for identity, career problems, generation conflicts, dreams are intertwined goals of sadness, joy, anger, and velocity of each other as integral parts that are experiencing a significant slice of life. The most important for young people seeking to impose his own existence and the search for the society itself. This quest in itself, where the physical, social, cultural atmosphere is fed.

Young people, mobile life, there occurs, from there to live with over time, competing to be the owner of such a style and as MS has adopted a health problem faced in the very worst affected from the first moment. MS young people and youth in particular, attempted to gain recognition on hearsay information, such as the nightmare is falling apart. Over time, the correct information and correct vital arrangements, began to take its place is dirty and wrong information, unfortunately, is an important part of life is an unpleasant obstacle missed.
As of the period in which young people from the MS group most affected by the negative sense.

Both Multiple Sclerosis infiltrated into the daily life of the symptoms, fatigue, weakness, attention and concentration problems, and young people affected by the individual by nature, suffer a certain level in a systematic adverse affects.

Multipl Skleroz young people who show up negatively affected from the moment of first diagnosis is used as a source of essential nutrients başlar.Özellikle dirty information provided from the internet environment, handle the neighboring procedure pekiştirilince the monster, MS science fiction movies which makes all nature an incurable according to the latest developments in medicine dönüşür.Oysa MS now has ceased to be a disease to take his head (A. Siva smile).

Young Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from the six main headings: If we examine etkilenmelerini;
Emotional Problems
Business and economic problems
Physical Problems
School problems
Problems of identity and acceptance
It is possible to sort the problems of stigma in the form of

In which young people's physical, social, psychological conditions faced due to very quickly react to stimuli. Resolutions on the situation is extremely unstable and flexible, especially they want to believe they are extremely important for a guide.
In particular exams, marriage, life, critical decisions, such as professional to have taken quite captured the youth of this period.

Turkey wishes belief that all young people and young MS together with MS Movement started by young people living with MS and their families, whether or not the correct guidance by bringing together all the young people, " do not have to miss one minute message " in waves emit of all Turkey.