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Thread: Suggestions for cracking shower chair cushion

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    Is there an equipment exchange near you? Our ucp nashville foundation has one. It has a list somewhere on their website. If you can find one I may be able to get it to you. I will try to look, but I know I wont have time tomorrow.
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    I found is a seal..bendable waterproof barrier..2 cans for $19..put the other on ebay and sell it.
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    Hi Ami,
    This problem with cracking shower/commode chair cushions is something that all of us have to deal with. I went back to your original pictures and that crack is really very small, but it will get bigger and I thought there just has to be a way to fix this foam. Then I went to the Active Aid website and looked at their cushions. The written description says these cushions are made of Ensolite.

    Light Bulb moment!!!!

    Ensolite is the same stuff that swimming pool float lounges are made of. I began a search for Ensolite Repair Kit and surprise of all surprises...there is a kit to repair these foam lounges. It is called Super Soft by Texas Rec. Texas Rec is a maker of pool float lounges. The repair material comes in a plastic sqeeze bottle, is available in 8 colors (none of them match the shower chair cushion, but what the heck) and costs under $10.00. You might be able to find it at a swimming pool supply store that sells pool chemicals and accessories. It is also available on line at (scroll down about 3/4 of the page):

    You might also find this or some other type of repair liquid at camping stores where they sell Ensolite pads for use with sleeping bags.

    Here is a YouTube video on how to use the repair liquid:

    Hope this helps.

    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)

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    Wow, thank you all SO much!!!! And GJNL, you are amazing - I will order the repair kit or try to buy it locally. CC comes through yet again!

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    GJNL the amazing CC duo!

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    Great find, GJNL!

    If you ever have to replace the cushion, take it to a marine upholstery place and get them to either fix it or fabricate a new one. I did this once to replace a hard cushion with a comfy cushion and it was crazy cheap.

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