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Thread: 8mths post and starting to get feeling back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jody View Post
    im hoping the feelling of heat isnt the birth of neurolic burning.
    its not neurolic burning or pain. its the feeling of heat

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    Congrats, I trust you are well aware how fortunate you are. Work your butt off man; maximize your potential.

    You're doing the right thing by taking responsibility for your rehab. You know best. Don't get hungup on the words they use or classify you. Your be written as a complete may be benificial for beneifits or opportunities. Your job right now is to work hard, not worry about symantics. Make it a goal that they bring up that you went beyond their classification of complete. There is progression in rehab. There's only so much time, so they want to ensure that you have the basic skills you are going to need after discharge. As things come back, they'll work on it or you work on it yourself.

    For me, the best break or injury, if there is one, is T/10. You still have your abs, lower feeling, can get a hard on, have less skin issues than lower breaks and can use the FES bike. So again, you are fortunate.

    You got off lucky, this incidence changed your life yet is giving you the opprotunity to see how strong you are. A man is not defined by the gun he uses but by the tenacity and strength in challenging times. Sounds like you are doing it.
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    Well yesterday I was able to make my self stand with the aid of some para bars. I woke up this morning very sore in my hips/legs/feet. Is this normal?

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    You will redefine what "normal" is everyday.

    We can't say what will happen next, but it's been over eight years for me and I feel new stuff everyday! Excercising my upperbody always leeds to burning lower body. The burning lasts for a day then usually sprouts into a new "normal!" This is good!


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    Hi nine months post myself. The most important thing to do is to figure out what muscles you can move. Try to move all the little muscles inside your hips. Think of a robot, where would all the little hydraulic rams go to move the legs. Google muscle charts on the web. Then the real work starts. Work the crap out of any muscle that you can move. Don't get discouraged, it will take months and months to see results.
    Keep at it, get organized make a routine. a good PT will help you make a chart to follow. But its up to you to do the work not the PT Good luck
    T12L1 Incomplete Still here This is the place to be 58 years old

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    Project Walk headquarters is in Carlsbad, CA. We do not have a facility in Arizona.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    well I thought i would give a quick update, I am standing for breif periods through out the day. The house i moved into was wheelchair accesable due to the girl that lived he before me having a sci and is the same age as me that i went to highschool with i still rember hearing about her car accident 10 years ago when i was in highschool.

    I have been stainding by the toliet it has grab bars on each side to put my hands on a lift up. I roll up put my knees aginst my stool to lock them grab the bars and stand up lol. Well now if i rub my left thigh i can feel the hair on my left leg stand up! I also keep getting a pins and needles tinging feeling almost like my legs asleep. I am also having alot more spazums mainly on my left side i really dont know what to think about this.

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    Are you on Baclofen? Do you do a stretching program or stretch before standing? UTI?

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    I do stretch, I dont take Baclofen? And not I have had not any uti issues

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    Project Walk

    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Do you have medical insurance? I believe a doctor's prescription is all you'd need. Ideally, a place like Project Walk would be perfect. I think Project Walk is in Arizona, maybe a few other states. They have a presence here at CC, but I'm not sure what their username is. Maybe someone can chime in.
    The main Project Walk is in Carlsbad CA but there are 5 around the us my wife went there and we loved it. It's the best therapy that she found

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