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    Just wondering if anyone else out there has the same problem with onions as myself. Ever since about 6mths after my injury i cannot eat cooked/fried onions in anything at all,as soon as i do within 1hr i have a major bowel accident.It goes straight thru me every time.
    As you can imagine its a real pain as nearly every thing has onion,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah22 View Post
    Poor you!

    If it can conforts you, I cry all the tears of my body every time I need to chop some!!
    You clearly lack understanding

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    You may find this information helpful: Complete and total cure of onion/cabbage/sulfite intolerance

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    You might be intolerant to FODMAPS (can't remember what it stands for but its a class of foods that some people can't digest that ferments in the intestines and causes bowel problems). Onions are one of the worst offenders for people who have a problem with FODMAPS. There is a list of foods containing FODMAPs at

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