I used to ask myself that every time I had a bad date, my checking account was low or got a bad grade on an exam, had an argument with someone, my children didn't listen to me or had a fill in for a home health aide that I really liked. I ultimately ran friends away and sometimes when I called family I felt they weren't picking up because I was calling to ask these same questions of which they had no answer for year in and year out. Then I began reading tons of books but my thinking wasn't changing very quickly. A friend told me to try saying affirmations, you know positive statements about yourself well that left me in tears and angry. So I searched for better affirmations and affirmation programs and then I found AFFORMATIONS by Noah St. John. http://themythiclife.com/media/afformations.pdf Basically you switch the question to Why am I so rich? MY brain couldn't find a negative answer. When I said I am rich, I hear you're broke, your account is low Again. I used AFFORMATIONS until THE NEGATIVE answers stopped haunting me which was not overnight, oh not by a long shot. Today I use both afformations and affirmations both with positive results.