Hi there - my 26 year old daughter fell from a fire escape in the beginning of May and suffered a spinal cord injury at T12/L1. She had surgery to stabilize her spine and was hospitalized for 10 days, then transferred to a local rehab hospital, where she stayed until the first week in July with 2 weeks in a nearby hospital for fluid in her lungs.

She's moved back home with us and is doing well. She is a paraplegic and has a good attitude and is complication-free except for frequent UTI's, which now seem to be under control with a low daily dose of Bactrim.

I've learned so much from reading your posts on this message board as we've worked our way through these past 5 1/2 months. This is my first post as I thought of a few questions and want to help her maximize her recovery. Things are starting to settle down a little now that she's home and taking a break from therapy.

One of my questions is regarding rehabilitation therapy. She just finished three months of outpatient PT and OT and wants to take a break until the beginning of the year. We learned a lot and she's able to transfer in and out of a car by herself now, which is a big accomplishment when we look back to our first outing. She's also stronger since she's recovered from her surgery. She has a workout routine developed by her OT, but is reluctant to join the YMCA with us because she knows most of the trainers and is hesitant to mix with social aquaintances from her life pre-injury.

We worked with her physical therapist on an evaluation and the paperwork for a standing frame/glider is in the works. We think insurance will approve it because her insurance case manager has been a great advocate. I'm also looking at getting a tabletop hand cycle, similar to the one she used in rehab.

We visited Kessler, but chose not to go there for rehab because we felt it was better to be close to home where friends and family could visit while she was an inpatient. I was worried about keeping her spirits up on my own if it was just me staying with her. Also, the rehab facility close to home encouraged family and friends to attend therapy sessions while Kessler didn't allow that. My daughter seemed to want us there to learn with her.

While I'm not second-guessing our decision, I'm wondering if there's anything we missed and should research and work on that she would have gotten at a world-class rehab facility. I want to make the most of this first year of recovery because I know it's important.

She's not getting much return of sensation or function so we know she may not be walking until there's a cure, but we want to do what's best until that time.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer.