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    Im Lost

    Ok this is the deal. It's just really hit me that i can't walk. So after 5yrs post i called the doctor's office that did my surgery, and requested all my medical history. So im reading and this stuff is scaring me i just left it on my bed all day. I have no understanding of this. OK , On one paper it reads.

    The spine films demonstrated anterior wedge fracture of c5 with slight retrolisthesis of c5, c6 about 2mm posterior subulaxtion. The ct scan of the neck demonstrated c5 burst fracture, i.e. fracture to the body. There was also evidence of bilateral laminl fracture at c5.


    Patient is to be admitted to icu and the usual high dose spinal cord shock
    Solu-Medrol protocol was initiated. Patient was given 30mg/kg of loading followed by 5.4 mg/kg times 23 hours.

    So im wondering was i even giving the medicine , methyl something, the one dr.young invented?

    So im thinking if i was giving that would i had recover, or what?

    I always thought i was a c5 but im really a c6.

    It says i was complete but im incomplete, cause i have feeling and ,movement below my injury.....

    Ill stop there for now.

    Thats why i never faced it, cause i knew, i couldnt handle it..

    This a real major problem.

    So the only solution is to load up the le coupe and just go.

    Any quads or paras wanted come along on my road trip,ill scoop you up wherever you are. will hit a few states or something. Or will do whatever that come to mind.
    let me know asap.

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    Mad, solumedrol is just the commercial name for methylprednisolone. You did receive the treatment, as we recommended it. Regarding C5 and C6, the description that you cited is a combination of bony level and neurological level. You probably are now C6 or lower in terms of neurological level. In 1992, we found that surgeons and physiatrists had different definitions of injury levels. Most surgeons think of the injury level whereas physiatrists think of the level as the first normal neurological level. If you have biceps and wrist extensors, that means that you have a C6 level by a physiatrist's definition. If you have triceps, you have a C7. If you have wrist flexors, you are down to C8, etc. Your injury appears to have been a C5 bony level. Wise.

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    i didnt know you were in lake charles. only 50 miles away.
    crawdads and kushkush

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    Pick up DA and take that boy HO STROLLIN'....dang but he needs it!!

    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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    Thanks for all the replies. I thought I didn't receive it, like i said i just face it. I should have known better my doctor was real dedicated to his work like Dr. Young, you two might be the same race. When i first look at dr.young i thought that was my doctor, until i seen your name. Well i seen , they gave me bolus or something.. Ive beeen up every since i started this post, then when i dozed off i woke up miss my acts. Trying to get my score higher, well i take it agin in dec...

    Yep da im 45mins away......

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