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Thread: World Series

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    World Series

    I am going to the World Series tonight in Saint Louis. I am a devoted Cardinals fan and this is going to be awesome. I was so excited last night I could not sleep. Its cold and rainy but I dont even care about that.

    Just wanted to share my excitement.

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    Have fun. It was a blast at the Ballpark here last year here in Texas.

    Go RANGERS in 6

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    Have fun...even though those same Cardinals beat my beloved Brewers...but they certainly deserved the wins...totally outplayed my team. Have fun and good luck!
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    Enjoy. But as a Canucks fan, I can only advise you to be ready for the heartbreak of defeat.

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    I am betting this series go all 7..

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    I'm a S.F Giants fan but I'm pulling for the St. Louis cardinals one of their pitchers Kyle Lohse is from our small town/school of Hamilton City.. Have a great time at the game have a beer for the rest of us who can't go or hot chocolate if it's too cold..
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    Now I have some interest in the game-I hope you have a great time.
    My Twins blew it so terribly...........

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    Go Cards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMAZ View Post
    I am betting this series go all 7..

    1-0 Cards up. Yeah!
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    Our Detroit Tigers didn't make it but, good luck to you and the Cards.
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