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Thread: Wishful thinking incomplete or complete after narrowing closes off

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    Exclamation Wishful thinking incomplete or complete after narrowing closes off

    ok i have a question my husband is a c567 incomplete quad, has narrowing at c4 and t1 apparently his titanium is attached to these areas from his 2nd surgery, i really dont know what im asking really, if these areas close off he will be incomplete or complete , because you can't go from incomplete quad to paraplegic, and this will be his legs to right i cant seem to understand what i was thinking he would be paraplegic or guad, but wow confusing, i assume he will be a complete guad, or incomplete? i dont know because i for some crazy wishful thinking, was thinking he would be the same as he is but would be in the wheel chair, can't help but wonder i know to take one day at a time but this thought i had i felt stupid when i realized wait thats not how it works , but also i quess docs don't know because everybody is different, right. i hope what i was asking makes since? i know im repeating same story was trying to figure this out i quess. will see spinalcord doc in nov but i dont really get to ask much because my husband is sitting there dont think that would be good right now, he doesnt understand all this he said, so i try to explain but really need his doc to, he did agree to let doc do more surgery when these areas close off tho.but had told me no more surgery and docs dont sometimes say either like what will they do, decompress again? all i got was doc reading the report pause a while and look up at me and pause and look up at me while he was reading report ,my husband ask me did he tell me something that he didnt know. and of course not, i think he was wanting me to respond but i swear i couldnt with my husband in the room. he was healing some from brain bleed at that time which they tip toe around ,and i thought i seen him having seizers durring that time and told doc so he put him on seizer meds to. to many questions unanswered , well thanks for letting me vent.

    Thanks confused peacegirl

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    Hi peacegirl,
    I do not know when your husband was injured, but if he is a relatively new injury (less than a year roughly) there is every reason to hope that he might have some improvement because of both therapy he should be getting and also because sometimes the body gets what is known as "return," meaning improvement. I disagree about asking his doctor questions when you see him. Either you or your husband SHOULD be asking the questions relevant to things you don't understand. It is important that you both know what is going on, and there should not be any need for secrecy about any of this as it impacts you both. The doctor needs to be told that you are both confused because he has no way of really knowing that unless you communicate your concerns and confusion to him/her. Good luck.

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    Hi Peacegirl;

    I agree with Eileen. My husband and I go to our doctor appointments together. We figure we both need to understand and often one of us will think of questions that the other didn't. It's the best way to get as much information as possible while there. You shouldn't worry about asking questions while your husband is there. He needs to know what is going on, too. I usually think of questions after the appointment, as well. You can always call the doctor later and leave a message or make an appointment just to ask questions.

    I don't know much about the condition you describe, but I think I am in a similar boat. I had a cervical fusion a couple years ago and have a plate and screws holding that together. I found out recently that once you have a fusion, the vertebrae above and below it deteriorate faster. I am now looking at surgery to scrape the inside of C3 (laminotomy), to relieve some of the compression on the spinal cord. It is my understanding that this will continue to deteriorate and I will require removal of the old fusion and a new fusion installed. This will be C3-7.

    Personally, I don't know what you would consider me at this stage. I have been told I will eventually be quadriplegic, but I don't know if it will be complete or incomplete. It seems to be a "wait and see how quickly the bones deteriorate and what function is left afterwards."

    Good luck to you!

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    Thanks was uncertain about things because he gets so angry about things doesnt take much, but u r right, also his injury was 1998 roughly, he has been blessed thus far. I just feel like there is more to ask. And maybe I really then didnt want to know, but now I quess some sort of prepare im thinking about all tho u really cant but I quess its human nature to want to. Thank you so much, peacegirl

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    Thanks noescape,
    glad to know people understand his family really dont get it, his shaking hands they ask him if he was on drugs causing that, the said thing is he has had it all along just is worse now, he wanted me to move into other bedroom so he doesnt hurt me from kicking me at night, i said no, it will be fine. he also has autonomic disfunction, stop his heart 4 times so they gave him a pacemaker 3 years it is real hard to remember how long it has been sometimes. have you ever had any of this, the hospital told my husband he was text book material, becase they had read about auto but had never seen happen, until they performed a test that shut him down in a 45 degree angle more than 15 minutes brain stops signalling body. blew me away thats when know there is a god, so many people came into meet him, and said you are the guy that went down this morning, they were so happy to talk to him he didn't know his heart stopped 4 times and when they asked him if he remembered any thing, he said sure until the lights went out but it was so peaceful, so peaceful, you could hear a pen drop in the room of family and a preist who drop by to say he to had went through the same thing my husband went through.

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    My hands have been shaky for awhile - essential tremor. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to hold a drink with two hands and hope I hit my mouth... LOL I haven't had autonomic dysreflexia yet and hope I never do. All we can do is pray and try to adapt to the changes in our lives as gracefully as possible....

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    So true ! Time changes things on a dime .

    Thanks peacgirl

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