so last week i was constipated but i went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of high fiber foods and have had two really good bowel movements yesterday and this morning....but i have this pain in my lower left abdomen, i thought it was just a UTI until i went to urgent care to get an antibiotic. They said there was very little protein and white blood cells in my urine, but they are going to culture it and give me an antibiotic anyway. They also said where the pain is it could be diverticulitis. They also put me on the antibiotic for diverticulitis. Now what my question is, they said i should not eat fiber for 3 days to let things worried that if i dont keep my high fiber diet that i will get constipated all over again. Is it really that neccessary to change my high fiber diet for the first three days of being on the antibiotic? (got back from urgent care a couple of hours ago).