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Thread: Leakage around stoma

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Hi "zwthomp,"
    Great news about getting back on the road. Good luck with your training.

    Good luck with the urologist. Sounds like the polyp will be removed with the aid of a cystoscope. They will probably inject a little numbing agent in the area of the polyp and clip it off.

    All of us will have you in our thoughts and look forward to hearing from you when you return.

    All the best,

    YEAH!! It's late in the week. Late response. Everything went very well with my urology appointment. Urologist was very impressed with the health of my bladder because I was always having infections before. But, since I started using the Vetericyn daily or every other day, it helped tremendously!! I know there is ALOT of talk on the SCI forums about Vetericyn, aka "Vindex," "Magic Spray" anyone having bladder issues try using the Vetericyn!
    Soooo glad these forums are here!!

    Hand controls went well! Back on the road!

    Thanks All,

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    Hi Everyone !!!!
    For years I've been dealing with Bladder stoma leakage Gook

    I do not use Vetrycin , I jst clean , change m dressings daily and will say that Being nervous or anxiety when my Urologist or his nurse changes my S/P tube I end up with this gunk leakage

    Tonight 7 day's after they just put in a new S/P tube it became clogged and hard to irrigate so I just personally changed my S/P hose on myself and I did not have any spasms or leakage .

    Their old S/P hose was full of encrustations blocking my urine flow thus making my bladder hurt , spasm and leak

    I feel it is the cheaper brand of S/P hoses they install in me ,I am allergic to .

    Personally I use a Bard 16 fr kit and have no problems

    What ever cheaper brand S/P hoses they use in me Definitely causes pain , spasms , leakage

    Just my 2 cents
    Maybe some of us re allergic to certain brand S/P hoses

    Good luck'

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