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Thread: 1 week post operation

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    1 week post operation

    Well, all I can say is thank god for touch screens or I wouldn't be able to send this message. Just had the C5/C6 and C6/C7 removed and fused. The pain in the hands and arms is just as bad as it was after the accident. Will the pain get better? My index fingers feel like dead weight and I can't stand for anything to touch my hands. Will it get better?

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    Why did you have this surgery? Spinal fractures? Ruptured discs? Spinal stenosis? Spinal root compression? Did you have any paralysis or loss of bowel/bladder/sexual functioning prior to surgery? How long did you have your symptoms before surgery?

    Decompression surgery may reduce progression of symptoms, but may not cause return of sensation or movement lost before the surgery, esp. if the compression was prolonged. Only time will tell. It may take a number of months before you learn if you will get anything back. Were you on any steroids prior to or after your surgery?


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    Compression of the C5/6 and C6/7. Iwas not able to use my hands before the operation and the nerve pain is awful. I also had bowel and bladder retention. Unfortunately my spine injury was not found until a week after my accident. I had steroid before the operation but I did not have the decompression done until 21 days after the injury. Now the pain and lack of control is horrible the pain from the operation. Was nothing compared to what I feel in my arms an hands every hour of the day.

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