Hi all,

My husband was injured in a bicycling accident on July 9. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital/rehab (at Santa Clara Valley Medical, here in the Bay area) and, since his release, has been doing a combination of physical therapy at the hospital, and exercise therapy at an outside facility. At Santa Clara, he was diagnosed as a T4 complete injury (ASIA A). In the last 3 months, though, he's regained control over his abs, obliques, and a good bit in his hips/hip adductors. From what I've been reading, this seems to be a lot of gains for someone who is supposedly complete? Could it be they diagnosed the level of injury incorrectly?

On an unrelated note, any suggestions on dealing with swelling in the feet? Since getting his permanent wheelchair a week or two ago, he's had pretty bad swelling at the end of the day. We've tried a variety of compression socks/ Teds, but they're not working.

Thanks. This is a great resource