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Thread: Incomplete vs. Complete?

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    Hi! My injury was also relatively new (august 2nd) and I attended the VMC as well! The whole case about Incomplete or Complete from what i've learned is that it can definitely change throughout time. Incomplete means that you have movement below your level of injury whilst complete means that you do not. If your husband is regaining things below his injury then i'm sure that there's some 'splainin to do. Have him retested and i'm sure they'll reclassify him. I started as an Asia A Complete but, i'm now a Asia C Incomplete (although my spinal cord is severed right before the caudia equina). I know the ASIA testing is a pain but, if your insurance will cover it; i'd recommend getting an MRI to see the nerves of the injury site. It'll give you a more detailed answer as to what to expect.

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    Alot of people will be ASIA A or B when first injured because of spinal shock. ASIA C is incomplete, there is no complete ASIA A. Complete is ASIA A only, even a B is incomplete and there is no movement involved with it because it is based on rectal sesation and they recently redefined the ASIA classification as they change it periodically ( as it is evidenced based an input from the experts and to keep us on our toes )but look at the recently guidelines.
    Also there are zones of partial presevation and you so very involved but yes things can change form initial injury.

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