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Thread: Live from Working 2 Walk 2011!

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    To walk again? I would do it even 7/7/7. Recovery worth all the effort.

    The application in the fda is a solid state, surgically implanted scaffold. We anticipate within the next several months submitting an injectible drug-releasing version of this scaffold. The scaffold alone has been shown to reduce the cavity all by itself. And the surrounding tissue gets subjected to lots of stresses, so it's possible that there's just a
    Kate, what is the end of that paragraph?

    Thanks for your time and hard work
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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    yeah I would do 7/7/7 too but I was thinking of a practical regime in an institution

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    why is everything over 5 years away? - the only time frame mentioned is 8 years I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Paddon View Post
    Who wouldn't do 4,4,4 if it was with the goal of walking again - 6 days a week seems a little extreme, how would you get staff to come in in the weekend?
    We would be delighted to work Saturday's. If we could get our medical system to be less rigid it would be easy. Physiologists(personal trainers) will work for half the pay of a PT and are delighted to get paid to get cardio and strength training all at once. The first week or two wears them out so we rotate left for three minutes, right for three minutes then hips for three minutes. Our PT is a great guy and enjoys jumping in even though he's fifty, he went to a treadmill training class at TIRR with the Neuro Recovery Network. Two of our trainers went to Project Walk to attend their train your trainer school and learned a great deal about methods that are invaluable.

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    Well, in my case, a cure is needed before any of that would be any use as I have a complete injury, so it's academic at this stage.

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    christopher paddon,

    my son is a 17 year old with a c5/6 asia a complete post over 3 years. he's not walking but is beginning after 2 years of treadmill training to get trunk control and much improved breathing and stamina. his overall health improves as time goes by. When stem cells are ready he will be ready, if stem cells are never ready he is healthier due to the movement.I see it as a win win.

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    Awww, Sue and Colin at 25 years! Congratulate them for me, pls, Kate!

    I'm so not into seminars, but it all sounds really good and I wish I could see Marilyn, Sue, Colin, Donna, and of course my beloved bleeding heart intellectual-Kate! Tell Paolo I'm proud he made it, I know it's a struggle.

    I back you all, and I'm v. proud of what you've done. I know what's involved, it's blood and guts determination, bullheaded stubbornness, keeping your eye on the ball and 300 balls in the air. Way to kick ass, my former compadres!

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    Do you do the treadmill training at home?

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    A big thank you to Kate and all of the W2W organizers, presenters, and attendees. Some really promising stuff there, I hope they can move on it quickly. It's extremely frustrating that the bureaucracy of clinical trials seems to trump the urgency to get them going.

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    Thanks for all your hard work and effort. It is appreciated. What I have not really picked up on is any type of concrete time frame to take something to trial for chronics. But this doesn't surprise me.

    Perhaps this will surface during the seminar.

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