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Thread: Doctors in China carry out world first spine surgery

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    Doctors in China carry out world first spine surgery

    I cannot hear the video. I hope you can hear it.

    Doctors in China carry out world first spine surgery

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    manouli, it worked okay for me, i.e. full sound. Try it again. Can you hear the advertisement? If not, check that the little speaker at the top screen is not muted. When the main video starts playing, check that the 4th icon from the right at the bottom of the screen (the volume) is not muted or turned way down? Hope this helps.

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    Wow! That's encouraging!

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    Thanks khmorgan! Now worked, lol! I am going to watch this to see what happened to him. Hope is good. manouli.

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    Well hopefully there are six people in China that are going to have a much better 2015, than they'll ever realize. Sounds pretty damn awesome. About those cheap flights to China!

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    I wonder if they'll accept foreigners.

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    Will be great if Dr. Wise provide more details & comment about this?!

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    more reporting on it

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    I thought ChinaSCINet was the 1st in China...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moe View Post
    I thought ChinaSCINet was the 1st in China...
    two completley different procedures............
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