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We are migrating!

This site is down from 8pm on Friday, 27 March 2020 until we get it migrated to the new domain. The plan is to have it done by Sunday morning. When it is complete, visiting sci.rutgers.edu will bounce you to the new domain name.

Update Log

In chornological order, most recent at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Update09:30 Sunday Good morning everyone. Oddity and OldGrumpyDad are back in the saddle. All the hard tech stuff is done. The new site is ready. What's missing is the main home page and a lot of styles, templates, and organisation. As soon as we get these last finishing touches put on it, we will release it. Why not open it up now? I'm glad you asked. Sometimes changes to templates and formatting will totally break the site for a few minutes. That would be super annoying if you were logged in and we broke things. So, we're gonna get it to a finished state before letting everyone back in.

Update22:40 Saturday It was a bit touch-and-go for a little while there. We upgraded to 5.2.5 and attachments didn't work. We couldn't see images at all. But we pressed ahead to 5.5.5 and things are working. Attachments work, profile pictures work, avatars work. It's coming together.

Update16:25 Saturday The upgrade to 5.2.5 has been running for about 3 hours. Want to see the glamorous behind-the-scenes of a web site upgrade? Grumpy made a 30-second video of the upgrade in progress that you can watch. If you want to share the joy, just loop that video for about 48 hours and you'll have the authentic IT upgrade experience. :)

Update13:45 Saturday We've upgraded the new site to 4.2.5 successfully. Now we start upgrading to 5.x.

Update 10:00 Still going. Database work is done. Just cleaning up a few brokn links to attachments and threads. Next we upgrade to vBulletin 4.2.5

Update 02:00 28 March 2020 Still going. Rebuilding post and thread indexes. Gonna get some sleep while that runs.

Update 22:50Database cleanup begins...

Update: 21:10 27 March 2020: Database and files have been copied from the old server to the new. The old server (which you're looking at now) is basically quiescent. Nothing new will happen here except these occasional updates. Database load should be done about 21:30, then we have some essential database reindexing and prep that runs until about 22:30.

Oddity and OldGrumpyDad