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Thanks Paolo re FDA .. I'll have to go back and read more thoroughly as I just skimmed it quickly this morning.

Cortine = french accent hotness that is certainly packing below the waist (oh gosh I'm so sorry for being rude ... not really, lol).

Paolo it's difficult to look at the five (now) people that have had the stim experience and not get excited or hopeful. What is your fear? That other biological attempts at regeneration will cease?

I was sorry that Jerry Silver didn't have an update ... I assume that is why he wasn't there this year.

Funny to read the old stuff from above in 2011 and see Dr Davies mentioned. He dropped off of the radar quite fast! I always found it funny that he wore a huge belt buckle like a real Texan ... and he left 'town' like a real cowboy with a bounty on his head. Wonder where he is and what he is doing now?

Eye on the Prize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp8w...WChvNfCJqOXct1
I have been following the epistim approach since well before it become a hot topic since I have a friend researcher who was involved in it. I am convinced that this approach will get nowhere.
Do you remember when the FES was a hot topic and people believed it would induce plasticity and also some regeneration?
I think epistim will follow a similar path while it is a more complex technology.
I don't want you to believe me, I want trials to go on and show if it can really benefit people or not.
I am sure it will not, so I see a lot of money wasted in a dead end direction, but at the same time I see that as a necessary step to move forward, sadly.