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Thread: Eric LeGrand article in Sports Illustrated, mentions JADP

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    Eric LeGrand article in Sports Illustrated, mentions JADP

    I've had low moments, but I can probably count them on one hand. My attitude is that I don't have time to be bitter and do the why-me? thing. I have to get better, and getting down doesn't help me do that. You can't change the outcome so why bother? I think that God chose me to go through this for a reason: so other people going through adversity can look at me for inspiration. I'm also trying to bring attention to spinal cord injuries. They affect millions of Americans and there's some real progress being made. But it takes funding. I encourage people to go to, which supports the research of Dr. Wise Young, a neuroscience professor at Rutgers. The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation at is another organization dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

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    is he (LeGrand) on this forum?

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    This was another example of how the media tried to make it look like he was going to be "walking" soon. anybody see the TV special on him? Just do a search on him and you'll find 3-4 different stories on how he will be walking soon b/c of physical therapy. TOTAL B.S.! The media wants to make it a 'feel good' story SO BADLY! here are a few article titles:

    "Rutgers' Eric LeGrand regaining feeling";
    "Eric LeGrand keeps making progress";
    "One year after being paralyzed, LeGrand believes he'll walk again";
    "Paralyzed Rutgers player Eric LeGrand stands in therapy";
    "Rutgers' Eric LeGrand has "Full" Body Sensation";
    "Believe it: Paralyzed Rutgers lineman on road to recovery";
    and my personal favorite...
    "LeGrand walking with assistance on treadmill"
    a quote from that update, "Now, LeGrand has taken another significant step — literally — toward full recovery. Via twitpic, LeGrand shows us that, for the first time, he will try and walk on a treadmill with assistance."

    people need to know it's only coming via a cure so they'll be more likely to donate to the cause.
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    Yeah, it's a pretty mixed message for the uninitiated.

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    It looks to me like LeGrand can barely move enough to operate a power chair. Can he even feed himself?

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    I think pyromaniacs words [youtube video finally got to him.
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    LeGrand was on "World News with Diane Sawyer" tonight (10/28/11). The piece said the usual "inspirational" rhetoric. But it still looks like he can't move too much more than Marc Buoniconti, or the late Darryl Stingley or Chris Reeve.

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    The media wants to make it a 'feel good' story SO BADLY! here are a few article titles:

    It's always been that way.

    The crip does some thing the average joe does it's inspirational.

    crip shoots dear, catches big fish, participate in marathon, yada yada

    but imo if LeGrand can get funds for research through BS, keep at it

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