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Thread: Who here has a modified PT Cruiser?

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    oh I don't like 'em either. just wait until you see my new jeep.

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    oh yeah? is it a jeep wrangler or a grand cherkee?

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    This is the only alternative to the EZLock I have come across:

    I am interested as I'm in a folding chair and this claims to still allow you to fold whereas the EZlock doesn't.

    It is made in Canada and passes their tests, don't know if there is some weirdness here in the states or not. Gonna ask a local shop here.


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    Tx, Scott, for the name and pic - senior moment, lol!

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    so no one here has personal experience driving a pt driver then? uh, weird. i thought there'd be at least one person on here who has.

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    I tried getting in one once, except the ramp was too steep and the roofline got in the way of my neck. Sorry, no help here

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    Originally posted by Theophania:

    oh yeah? is it a jeep wrangler or a grand cherkee?
    Wrangler Unlimited w/ a bunch of offroad mods. I should have it back from the shop in about a month. It's been a long process to get it retrofitted.

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    cool scott!!! how do u get in it tho?

    andy thanks for the seems a lot of peeps have had head room probs with it

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    Hi Theo,

    I met with an FMI rep. last weekend about getting the Honda Element which I love. I prefer boxy, sharp angles in a vehicle. He didn't have the Element to show, it's in circulation but he did bring a convertable PT Cruiser. I didn't drive it but did sit in it. The drivers seat was removed. I have a front wheel drive Permobil which traversed the nice roomy ramp well but it did take some doing to position myself in front of the steering wheel. It was a very tight fit in terms of width and length. I had about an inch clearance between my back wheel and the rear seat base. Its gear shifter requires the ability to grip which I don't have. The guy did tell me that a push button shifter is available. The ramp closed almost flush to the side of my chair which was much too snug. I wasn't impressed plus it's an ugly car.

    I will have an opportunity to test drive the Element sometime in early in December. He said it's much roomier.

    Ahh, to be able to drive something besides a van!

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    hey cupcake, the pt is prone to door/ramp problems but they can be greatly reduced with frequent maintenance. you might be able to get an ez lock dealer to install one or better yet get a used one on ebay and have a friend/backyard mechanic install it. its as simple as installing a stereo amp. i'm available for tech support on that, i've installed 3 w/ friends helping {but dumb} hands!

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